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Matter Home - Re-Creation Concept

The album Re-Creation is exactly that -- re-creating an experience in music documenting the lives of the people involved and their influences, noting the change and growth that happens when ideas take flight and soar. Ideas first spoken without form, now made solid as Matter.

Some songs have the viewpoint of the present, others from past perspectives, all soaked and cured with the amazing twists of the very gifted and philosophical people that were willing to take part in making these songs, in turn, their songs. When music and lyrics can be transferred from one mind to another with complete understanding of their meaning, a true creative collaboration is born. I thank you all for this.

We will always hope that anyone who listens to this album will feel invited to apply this music to their own internal soundtrack. Watching and listening to the birth of Slohemia and The Bletchley Park Project triggered just this experience for me -- using the words and music as salve in my own healing process at a time when I needed it, and more importantly, needed my friends.

In no way were any of us attempting to re-invent the wheel. On the contrary, only enjoying the process of what momentum, friendship and solid writing can become. Never compromising where it all ends, never forgetting where it came from.

Alex Kagan - 10/03/01

Matter Home - Re-Creation Concept


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