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Dan Burke Home - Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

In bed
On the phone
Talking to you
I open up my soul

A gift to the moonlight

I see it peeking through my window
Watching me
Waiting for me to realize
That there is life
Beyond these four walls

You’re out there
In your own space
Guarded by the same moon
It keeps its eyes on the both of us

Somehow bridging the gap
Closing the connection
Of miles that exist
Between me and you

But distance is only mirage
A Chinese puzzle
Yet to be uncovered
For you are right here with me

I hold you close
As close as if your body took shape
Between me and the moon shadow
That paints my angled room

If I squint
I can see your silhouette
Your curved spine and hips
Your delicate lips
Close enough to touch

And your long dark hair
Falling over shoulders
As arms reach up and out
Beyond the shape of your coming

And through the phone line
I ask you to describe the man in the moon

You tell me, after minutes of waiting
That if you look hard enough
You can see in daring innocence
A perfect reflection of me

Dan Burke Home - Man in the Moon


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