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Dan Burke Home - The Migration of Hair
Only $19.95  
It's Here!
The much anticipated novel by Dan Burke is finally in print! NPN is proud to announce the publication of The Migration of Hair.

The Migration of Hair is Dan Burke's second novel, and a follow up to his hit 2003 novel, Driving Into The Sun. In this reprise, we find main character Tommy Aloysius questioning his life deep in the deserts of Arizona. Climb aboard this freight train to hell as Tommy blasts off to Eastern Europe as an ex-pornographer in exile.

There are plenty of laughs and cries in store for you inside this beautifully printed book, which includes 9 full-sized illustrations by
Joe Forkan.

EXCERPT: "And life is really no different than this: the migration of hair. Things happen to us, for better or worse; we try to form opinions, we try to effect change in our favor, but change doesn’t care. Change will change whether we like it or not. Man-smell—Wham! Thinning hairline—Wham! Your woman leaves you—Wham! You get fired for being a pornographer—Wham! You get the point."

This is Dan Burke's second novel. He is also the author of Driving Into The Sun, and the poetry book For Fame or Fable, as well as the lead singer/co-writer for the Northern California music collaborative, The Bletchley Park Project.

BOOK PACKAGING: A lot of time and energy was invested in the packaging and design of this novel. Only the finest recycled paper was used inside and out. The main highlight, beside the text itself, are seven custom illustrations by famed illustrator, Joe Forkan.

Cover illustrations by Joe Forkan. Cover design and layout by Jason Steed. This 191 page book is 6" x 9".

READER QUOTE: "I just finished the tonsorial tome and loved it! I believe your writing style has gotten deeper and more enriched. I'm not so sure I found the book either trashy or dark. Those descriptors are hard to imagine whilst contemplating fruit RELAXING in its display box! (Great word sculpting!). Your use of simile and metaphor (The Tide for example) is solid.

The cover caught me off guard. I thought of old Hunter and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But I'll bet he never contemplated telling the story from a Gnat's point of view. I very much enjoyed the "Ugly American" train episode also. And in perfect reverse order, lastly, I thought your Introduction was terrific! Who really has the last word? I was with you all along the way sans the hangover, cigar and ticket. It's my guess that as far as the ticket goes, you're writing your own. Keep it up..."

- Eurold Uncle Tim

We know you'll enjoy this book. Buy your own copy today!

Dan Burke Home - The Migration of Hair


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