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Dan Burke Home - Pale Yellow Misunderstanding

Pale Yellow Misunderstanding

Soft hide of calf
Tail feathers of cotton
A craned neck in wonder
Watching patient with dish-brown eyes

In the air a rain of wonder drools
Drawing like nightshades
Tired, impatient for rest

Her chin falls loose-lipped yawning
Butter melts on pancakes of morning
It sleds on top of buttermilk
To round-rim edge white

Her words pour slowly brown maple
And fall lazy on spongy lies

O the delicate delicacy of dawn
Rapping winded on cool windows
Tapping foolishly out of rhythm
Scattered on thin paper
While warm cakes of winter
Slice in symmetric wedges
And dismantle wholesome edges
Of riverboats paddling south

Dan Burke Home - Pale Yellow Misunderstanding


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