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Dan Burke Home - Driving into the Sun Quotes

"What a terrific book! We're talking Thompson's FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS; Kerouac's ON THE ROAD and DHARMA BUMS; and Wolfe's ELECTRIC KOOL AID ACID TEST all rolled into one big fat joint! You've got style, man. It is an important book. Thanks for sharing it. "

- Tim Stokes

"For those of you who can't relate to the average Joe, meet Tommy Aloysius, the worlds first slightly above average Joe. Finally, there is a character the rest of us can understand."

- Augustine Sanchez

"Tommy Aloysius was fun to follow through his journey; I felt high just reading about him! The book has so much energy, passion and humor - it is very enjoyable. You can really write. Sort of a cross between Hemmingway and Neil Simon - not a bad place to be."

- Rita Slater

"You are a damn good writer. I see the book as a tale of identity struggle within the Generation X culture. There is plenty of comic relief to put a smile on the reader's face."

- Jay King

"This book is filled with adventure, humor, excitement and drama. This page
turner is recommended to all who like a witty writer!"

- Dan's Mom

"An unbelievably well voiced first novel. The characters and surroundings were extremely well developed, and the dialogue and situations played real. I really felt like I was along for the ride.

Comes down to great stories well told. At first I thought that perhaps this novel spoke to my (our) generation rather specifically, but this kind of self study and social (interaction) commentary is timeless beneath it's modern shell of familiar sites, sounds, smells and abusable substances.

A lot of fun and a great read Dan. I look forward to the next one."

- Jason Steed

"The book is worth buying just for the picture on the back, then you get into this wild story. This book is a cult classic in the making!"

- Anonymous

"Following in the heavy, staggering footsteps of Jack Kerouac, Hunter Thompson and Ken Keasey, Danny Burke leads a new generation on a mind-altering journey through 3 continents, and multiple states of consciousness in his very own "Fear and Loathing in Africa". Proving once again that truth is always stranger (and more enjoyable) than fiction. Hey Tommy, there's an Algerian steamer leaving for Tangiers in an hour, meet me at the dock with your rucksack!"

- John Mackie

Dan Burke Home - Driving into the Sun Quotes


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