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Dan Burke Home - Driving into the Sun
Only $19.95  
It's Finally Here!

The much anticipated novel by Dan Burke is finally in print! NPN is proud to announce the publication of their first printed work, Driving Into The Sun.

Dan Burke spins a dizzying tale of twenty-something debauchery in his first novel, Driving into the Sun. This witty, twisted, and often hilarious story follows would-be writer Tommy Aloysius to thundering dance clubs, through the horrors of Chinatown, into the late-night massage parlors of San Francisco, then to Chicago, the jungles of Africa, and finally, the ruins of Egypt.

Tommy has let go of his old life, and has resigned himself to the universe. But floating through experience does have its cost. During his travels, Tommy becomes conscious of his attachments to the woman and life he's left behind, and he must weigh them against the mad adventures that lay ahead.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This is Dan Burke's debut novel. He is also the author of For Fame or Fable and the lead singer/co-writer for the Northern California music collaborative, The Bletchley Park Project.
EXCERPT: "The Crocodile Bar was like grade D beef on discotech uppers buzzing and bleeding cheap booze from crackling speakers. Blond haired women grinded Axle Rose style in solitude throughout the bar sprinkled here and there. My head moved in and out of parallel universes in time with the thumping beat of European house music. On the bar danced an overweight bartender who tried to make love to every girl he could spot. One by one he gave a few grinds spreading his love equally, systematically around the room until his task was complete. Then he climbed down, big ass over palms and took my order."

BOOK SIZE: This 260 page book is 6" x 9". The packaging and design is professional, modern and very easy to read.

Buy you own copy today. We know you'll enjoy the read!

Dan Burke Home - Driving into the Sun



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