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The Bletchley Park Project Home - Musicians


Esteban Chavez -- Keyboards
Esteban was given a vintage Korg synthesizer at the age of 8 and that introduction established a life long love affair with analog synths, old school electric pianos, organs and the music made by these iconic instruments. The collection of keyboard instruments which can be heard on this album include a a 1923 Steinway baby grand, Fender Rhodes MKI, Hammond C3 & 147 Leslie, Clavinet C and a Moog Prodigy. These layers along with Esteban's keyboard compositions all helped give the Bletchley Park Project a distinctive sound.



Kevin Dickey -- Bass Guitar
Kevin is not only a seasoned bass player but an accomplished producer, editor and engineer. His published credits include two double-live/studio albums with YES, "Keys to Ascension," Books 1 and 2, and three Jon Anderson releases, "Toltec", "The Promise Ring" and "EarthMotherEarth". Chris Squire and Geddy Lee are both strong musical influences to Kevin, as well as the works of Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre. Kevin plays a Warwick Streamer2 5-string bass through a David Eden amplifier and cabinet.

Kevin has worked at Sonic Solutions in Novato, California, mastering the ins and outs of digital audio editing, has owned an advanced DVD authoring company named dHouse, and has spent hours in front of mixers and computers - getting the two to talk. He currently lives on Orcas Island, WA.



Dan Burke -- Vocals
Dan recorded his first demo in a good friend's bedroom in 1992. Since that experience he has been hooked on the craft of songwriting and arranging. While playing in several bands over the years, primarily acting as writer and guitarist, his affinity for complex-simplicity has driven him to push the boundaries of songwriting. As a life long Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder fan, Dan takes great seriousness in developing and delivering his vocal style with as much emotion and passion as he possibly can. Dan is also the author of Driving into the Sun, For Fame Or Fable and The Migration of Hair.



Leandro Vera -- Guitar, Vocals
Leandro was quick to embrace his Latin roots at an early age. While sitting around the family circle, he was always enamored with his parents ability to play the guitar and sing songs in Spanish. "In Argentina," he says, "everyone knows how to play and sing." The complex and buttery fingering patterns found on The Bletchley Park Project are a collage of great traditional works and ideas generated from late nights with Pink Floyd. This is the unique classical guitar style Leandro delivers on the Bletchley Park Project works brought to you by NPN.



Jesse Hiller -- Drums
From Phil Rudd and Tommy Aldridge, to Omar Hakim and Vinnie Colaiuta, Jesse has continually expanded his musical tastes as a performer and listener. “Phil Rudd was my first drumming idol,” Jesse explains of his roots in Classic and Hard Rock. "Just like Steve Smith (of the famed Journey) used to do -- keeping it simple always rocks."

The Bletchley Park Project Home - Musicians


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