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The Bletchley Park Project Home - Mirror Root Concept

If sound only had sight, what would be the view from a Zen Waterfall? Would it be a meadow opening from within a lush forest quiet at dawn? Would it be a tranquil garden manicured with the smell of fragrant roses at play in the forenoon? Would it be the smile on a loved one’s face frozen in time in your mind? …Maybe it is all of these.

The wise men of the East sought refuge during meditation, for it is within meditation where all suffering stops. This quiet place inside, eternal and vast, can open a void of peace and tranquility. It is within these states where enlightenment arrives like the shining hand of a giant, lifting one up in the palm of his hand. But finding bliss in meditation is not that easy. So fragile it wavers in and out of focus, tossing to and fro like the gentle decent of a falling leaf in an autumn breeze. It is with patience, acceptance and understanding that these wise men approach this serenity. And they, in times away from meditation, sought to create physical reminders of this subtle dynamic to understand it more completely. One of the most potent of these creations was the Zen Waterfall.

Close your eyes and imagine the tranquil sound of running water. Hear the delicate subtleties of every droplet falling freely from hi to low. Imagine the many voices speaking all at once, all singing in harmony. It is your father; it is your mother, your brother and sister. It is the contents of the ages, there whistling together in the moment. And while you listen, indulge yourself in visions that come. Let your mind play along in this now-folly of time forgot. This is the peace of our true existence.

Many years have passed since these wise men walked the Earth. Although their words and symbols are as potent today as ever, their messages have been cluttered by the complexity of modern society; our ability to understand them lost, our methods, advanced, yet so antiquated. It is for this reason we see need for new interpretations, now more than ever in this age of tribulation. NOW is the time for new symbols, to point the way to new visions. And while men, women and children walk through Samsara each day, it is only fitting that we create a reminder, a meditation, a timeless bookmark for reference in today’s language; to help us remember the peace that is so close.

The Bletchley Park Project Home - Mirror Root Concept


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