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The Bletchley Park Project Home - The Bletchley Park Project Concept

A concept album for the new millennium...

It is always inspiring to be part of or even to observe teams coming together; we typically just experience teaming for extended periods of time within the economic cycle of Corporate America, which despite its well-publicized gains, is nonetheless unfortunately slowly extending its tentacles around the unfiltered imagination more and more. Notwithstanding this economy, today we can still experience the true fabric of teaming in the games of children, in the projects of academia, within the scientific and social communities, and of course, whether we choose to be cooperative or not, in the contagious mystique of the family circle.

Another aspect of close teaming, which we may not like to acknowledge as such because of the perception of perhaps condoning, or even worse, provoking such teaming, lies within the pretext of war. And although the goal of this type of team seems vastly different from our notion of what teams usually purport to gain, the gap does not appear to be so unbridgeable when we consider the long and elaborate veil which hangs so regularly in front of these goals. This is what justifies our actions in the West. This is what we call progress.

And it doesnít surprise us anymore when progress has left the tracers of its path in two directions and not one. So it is with this in mind that we set out against the losses that hide long enough until they gain the necessary strength to thrive in the permanence of history that demands that they do just that. It is the loss of humanity, too slow and determined to run at the speed of progress, that is now blowing back in the great white draft of acceleration. And as it seems that this tide has turned to the bad, as it always will in the relative picture of judgment, we set out against not only the two faces of progress, but against the now inherent duality of man.

In the second World War the Allied Powers were forced to team against the Axis Powers for disparate nationalistic motivations; however, this is also in many cases one important aspect of successful teams, the means of which will ultimately lead to a branch of dissimilar ends. Great Britain and the United States teamed together in Englandís Bletchley Park to defeat the German Enigma machine, crack the encoded submarine convoy directives, and turn the tide of the war. As astonishing and valuable a tactical feat as this was for the Allies, the aspect of this team which would stand to last as an inspiring attribute for many teams was this: the ability to renovate the tools of thinking to provide a compulsory result within the constraints of unreasonable time.

This project for the sake of art and collaboration is fresh and important within the unbalancing of our quick recollections and reminders of having to always weigh things, having to pass over our desires, constantly placing values where they donít exist in a justification of elegance and intelligence.

The Bletchley Park Project Home - The Bletchley Park Project Concept


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